Software Development Company In Chandigarh

Tricity Web Solutions here in Chandigarh can create bespoke software for your business. The software provides solutions to business problems that the company and its employees are currently experiencing in collecting or filtering data, using an existing solution that ill-suits their industry, and stop your staff who are forced to work less efficiently.

Business Software Isn’t ‘One Solution Fits All’

The idea is that no software package (or collection of them) does exactly what your business needs to carry out all its important tasks and complete special projects. The developers of off-the-shelf software know that they have to keep the number of features and level of customization down or they’ll confuse their users. As a result, while each software package for a B2C or B2B focused company has its uses, even combining them usually is insufficient for their needs. Staff can waste valuable time finding workarounds for software that doesn’t really help perform their task in the necessary way. They often skip aspects of a task or use an inadequate workaround because of the deficiencies of the software solution that their employer is still using. These collective issues when using business software(and SAAS solutions) leaves the company with lackluster results, reduced productivity and a frustrated workforce that find their working life moves too slowly. This often indirectly raises staff morale and lowers staff longevity with the firm too.

Effective Systems and Process Management

Every company has systems and systems of systems. These govern how the business operations work. Usually documents are drawn up to note down how approved systems and the processes within each system functions. Often this drills right down to the step-by-step process at the employee level. Documenting systems and processes in this manner provides an operational blueprint for the company. Should key employees leave to start a business together, the company is left with the remaining employees who’ll struggle to learn how to cover the vacated positions until replacement employees can be found. The knowledge they had about how tasks were performed is not lost because of the documented processes and established systems put in place.

Examining Processes for Improvements

By documenting processes, companies often find improvements that they can make to shortcut and optimize how each employee performs their job. Problems relating to inadequate software sometimes are resolved by upgrading or switching software provider, but often companies discover that they need a bespoke software solution that does exactly what they need. When looking at the cost of application development vs the lost time and added cost suffered by continuing to use outdated processes, let alone the customer disappointment when tasks take too long to get done, leads businesses to realize the real benefit of sourcing a bespoke software solution when it’s needed. It removes bottlenecks and saves them money too.

Examples of Software Development Projects

Hostel Software

A hostel that rents bunk beds to backpackers and organizes meals or outings has very specific needs. They should be able to take bookings in person, over the phone or online. Online bookings can come in via their website or a separate booking service like Agoda. With a hostel, their software solution must share and receive compatible data with third-party operators like Agoda, but also track things like revenue per available room (REVPAR) which is a standard hotel metric (they track per bed). When offering a planned event, selling tickets to it, tracking costs and ensuring its profitability is also something that a software solution can offer. When produced with an understanding of the hospitality industry and the needs of a backpacking hostel specifically, bespoke software really delivers.

Sales Software for Car Dealerships

When working in sales, it’s important to track all prospects whether over the phone or emailing in or visiting the showroom. The better a salesperson can track local customers and follow-up with previous buyers when they’re likely to be considering a replacement vehicle, the more likely that they can encourage them to buy a second time from the same dealership. While dealerships often usestandard software for the car industry, when salespeople wish to track lots of metrics, pull in relevant Kelly’s Blue Book car valuations at trade-in and stay competitive with other dealerships for discounts on a new vehicle, they need something more custom and advanced. A standard software solution will cause frustration to salespeople in the dealership because those feature gaps create a headache with tracking important metrics, negotiating using the latest car pricing data, and sealing a deal (and a hefty commission for the seller).

Require a Proposal

Every industry is completely different and has often very specific requirements for their software needs. Removing the frustration within the operation by arranging bespoke software development through Tricity Web Solutions is a smart move. We can discuss your exact requirements, find what’s wrong in your current software solution and draw up a proposal for a custom software solution that will address the company’s needs perfectly.