PHP Development Company In Chandigarh

We build PHP applications for our clients from Chandigarh, India. These are dynamic, scalable applications that provide a great customer experience for website visitors. We can start from scratch, develop a SAAS or port across an existing site to modernize it for a client.

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language and uses a variety of frameworks. It runs on the server side. The language works entirely different to HTML and CSS which execute inside the browser. PHP is coded and runs on the web server. It can use information like the visitor’s name (when they’re logged in) and welcome them by name. Previously saved interests allow the adjustment of what is displayed on the page based on viewing habits on the site. As such, the PHP script runs through a PHP engine and generates a final HTML language output that is sent to the visitor’s web browser for display. Given the custom nature of the PHP language based on account information, viewing habits, or time of day (to name a few), using PHP allows developers to create a custom visitor experience. No longer are visitors all seeing the same identical page which never changes. It creates a customizable experience which makes the website more interesting and useful for visitors.

Social Media and Web 2.0 Platforms Often Use PHP

Many social media platforms like Wikipedia, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr use PHP in some capacity to create a customized experience. You only have to think about how Facebook uses your account information, pages you’ve liked and Facebook groups you’re a member of to display details relevant to you and you see the usefulness and power of PHP.


MySQL is a relational database. It lets a website store information and retrieve it later. The database is accessed using a combination of PHP for the coding and SQL language to communicate with the MySQL database itself. Using a database, information about articles, products, pricing, customer details, order details and much more can be stored and repeatedly accessed. This provides a powerful way to extract relevant information and personalize a website for eachvisitor. Both PHP and MySQL have been built to scale robustly on a lower-cost Linux operating system and inexpensive web servers. Unlike when using Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.Net which require expensive software licenses and more powerful hardware to serve pages quickly, the Linux approach using open-source software handles peak load times for websites at a fraction of the cost.

Website Development

Instead of using or in addition to using a content management system like WordPress or Drupal, it’s possible to create a functional website that augments or extends what’s already there. For instance, a customized message board or a reporting or filtering facility can be created to provide a way for visitors to message each other more easily, access custom reports or filter data the way they wish. Where the option doesn’t already exist, using PHP lets our team create a modified experience for the visitor that fits the industry and purposes our clients require. The dynamic nature of PHP development allows us to produce tailored experiences for every visitor once their preferences or interests are known.

Application Development

Creating an online application is a popular thing for businesses that wish to create a SAAS. This is a software-as-a-service model which revolves around providing a service or product with online delivery while charging a monthly or yearly subscription for its continued use. Examples of this might be a photo editor, a membership site for sporting associations, or a personal organizer. Applications can be developed by our company using PHP, MySQL databases and other frameworks and technologies to provide the functionality and regularly billing facilities required within the popular SAAS business model.

Migration from Other Platforms

Sometimes an older website was built on a platform or using a computer language that’s no longer much in use. This can create numerous problems when wishing to update the core code base, improve the website and deliver new features for site visitors to enjoy. When the online application has been created using code and tools that are no longer in mainstream use, it is best to port them over to something more manageable. Porting a website over to a new platform and programming language is time consuming. Depending on the complexity of the site, a new site much be created to mimic what’s already there, plus make any improvements that have been envisaged by the owner. Existing databases may need to be converted to a better standard or one that works with the new coding language and/or platform too. Projects of this type can take weeks or months to complete successfully. Whether creating an entirely new PHP-based application, adding a new feature to an existing site, developing a SAAS or porting across an existing site to a new technology and platform, Tricity Web Solutions can provide a comprehensive solution.