Logo Design Company In Chandigarh

The logo for a business matters greatly. It is does the job of identifying the company among a blizzard of other businesses trading in the same industry. A logo can make a business look professional and well-funded from the start or appear cheap and tacky when it’s low-quality or poorly designed. The logo often makes the first impression for the company and should strike the right tone relevant to the industry and customers’ expectations too. There are different types of logos available which TriCity Web Solutions can produce on your behalf.

Typographic Logos

A typographic logo appears initially as simpler. Many companies, especially in the fashion industry, opt for the clean looking typographic logo. The idea is to not have a graphical image as part of the logo itself, but just to use an attractive font (or two) and subtle styling cues to differentiate words. For instance, with a two-word, two-line brand, the first word may be bolded and colored in black, whereas the second word may be non-bolded, and colored differently to create some style using small cues without overwhelming the viewer. The simpler approach is used by many brands that see simplicity as beneficial to their logos and don’t want anything fancier.

Graphical Logos

With a graphical logo, the idea is to create either a graphical image alone or a graphical image along with typographic elements for the brand. Sometimes these are used in combination to suggest the type of business the company is operating in. For instance, a train transportation company with a name that has an ‘I’ may graphically adjust the ‘I’ to make it look like a tunnel that their trains travel through. Similarly, a letter may be elongated to create a visual appearance that matches the business operation. The idea is to have a little fun with the creative thinking to include the name and some graphical elements that paint a visual picture. Doing so makes the logo and by association, the brand, more memorable.

Vector-based Graphical Logos

Vector-based graphical logos (or typographic logos for that matter) are designed often with a different specialized graphics editor. The resulting image is not a picture, but a series of mathematical calculations that remember each part of the image as a series of points and colors to reproduce it later. As the logo is created, the formula adjusts accordingly. The advantage with a vector graphic is that it can be stretched to other larger sizes – for instance, to use on a billboard – and not lose any image quality. This compares to a graphical logo that if it were painstakingly created pixel by pixel that will lose quality when expanded.

Problems with Not Having a Logo

Some website owners who do not have a full-blown business operating in the bricks and mortar space or with a trading presence off the internet may opt to not bother with a logo at all. They simply type of the name of the website into a content management system like WordPress and go with that. The problem here is that visitors aren’t going to take the website and the people behind it all that seriously. When they won’t even pay for a basic logo to be made (let alone a professional-looking one) then they’re unwilling to invest in the products or services they wish to offer other people. This doesn’t look impressive! Not having an actual logo also means when creating accounts on Web 2.0 or social media accounts that require a logo to be uploaded, they do not have one available. They have to get a screen grab of their written mock logo and crop it down to create a bad-looking logo and then send that. When they’re inconvenienced to this level, they might as well pay to have a real one made. Their “logo” also won’t scale up or down well either without losing quality because it doesn’t use vector graphics. So, it cannot be used for a business letterhead or business card later.

Problems with Not Having a Professional Logo Designed

When trying to make the logo yourself or getting a friend who isn’t a graphics designer to produce one, you’ll run into trouble with quality. Graphics designers receive training on design principals, what makes an effective logo and how to produce it using modern graphical applications. In most cases, the people who would make it for you don’t know enough to produce a logo well. They also won’t have studied the industry or niche or reviewed other peers to see what types of logo designs they have used. They won’t put together something that will fit into what customers are used to seeing from other companies in the same industry either. Their logo design will standout for all the wrong reasons which is terrible! Let TriCity Web Solutions design a professional logo that represents your business well and could proudly sit at the top of a letterhead or website.