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About Tricity

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. That old adage applies just as well to the art of persuasion as it does to website design. If a potential customer is drawn to your website only to discover it doesn’t scale to their mobile device, navigation is confusing or products and services are poorly presented they will quickly exit and make a note not to return. At TriCity Web Solutions we understand the need to make a good first impression. But we also understand that a good impression means more than just pretty colors, shapes and words. Customers come to your website because they desire something and the job of the website is to empower them to fulfill that desire.

4 Years experience

63 Completed projects

52 Happy clients

72 Days a week

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Company Profile

Who We Are

We are a team of men and women dedicated to ensuring your website is an integral part of your overall business success. We’ve trained long and hard to learn everything there is to know about web development and continually upgrade our knowledge base in order to keep pace with the fast changing Internet environment. We started this company because we felt that A) the Chandigarh web design industry was not up to the standards that were prevalent in some of India’s other major cities and B) that the businesses of this area deserved better. As such we hold ourselves to a self-imposed higher standard and strive every day to exceed customer expectations.

Our Approach

At TriCity Web Solutions we take a comprehensive, long term view of web design and development. Every bit of our effort is directed towards a successful outcome for our clients. We understand the need to contain costs and thus we strive to keep our services affordable so that our customers can optimize their return on investment. We build relationships with our clients that enable them to stay in touch with the latest developments that affect their online presence. And we offer a host of related services that leverage the latent potential of their website and turn it into a dynamic catalyst for growth.

Company Values

We are founded on the idea that businesses and institutions in the Chandigarh region deserve a higher quality of web development. To achieve that goal we seek out only the most qualified, driven individuals – people who eat, sleep and breathe web design and development – and let them put their passion to work for our customers. You won’t ever get the runaround from TriCity Web Solutions. We play things straight, keep you involved in every step of the process and make sure you fully understand every aspect of the project as it unfolds. We’re forward looking, innovative, friendly, helpful, experienced and above all, effective. If you are tired of seeing your online ambitions languish, if you are tired of reading about how others are profiting from the web while you can’t seem to get anywhere, if you are ready to enter a new phase of growth and prosperity, contact TriCity Web Solutions today. The future is waiting.