The days when the web designer would sit alone at his PC for hours banging out HTML code longhand have gone the way of the VHS cassette and the floppy disc. Website development today is a complex, multidisciplinary profession that incorporates aspects of graphic design, Information Technology (IT), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management, social media integration logo designing and much more. In order to make sure you end up with a website that will serve you well in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace you have to partner with a web design and software development company with a proven track record and the best people. TriCity Web Solutions is the best web designing company In Chandigarh, Panckula Kharar and mohali.

The TriCity Difference

TriCity Web Solutions is a professional web development and web designing Company in Chandigarh serving the needs of businesses and individuals right across the greater Chandigarh region. We excel at offering state of the art websites at competitive prices and our customer support is second to none. Whether you need a corporate website, an e-commerce site, a site for your clinic, your real estate company or for any other reason TriCity is the company to call as web designing company in mohali. Need to elevate your web presence in order to drive more traffic? SEO from TriCity will ensure you end up on page 1 of Google’s search results. Need to do a better job raising awareness of a new product or service? An Internet marketing strategy from TriCity will bring in the customers.

A Website That Gets You Noticed

Ever wonder why some websites wind up at the top of search results and others are buried on page 37? That’s because the winners have an effective SEO campaign behind them. The fact is there are more than a billion (that’s billion with a “b”) active websites today. If yours is not optimized for search engines like Google it’s doomed to be just another anonymous tree in the digital forest. At TriCity we take a comprehensive approach to website development Chandigarh. As such we recommend a robust SEO campaign for every new website client.

Designs That Win The Day

Even if a website has an effective SEO campaign working in its favour it won’t do much good if the site itself is a mess. Internet surfers today are a sophisticated and, unfortunately, impatient bunch. They want what they want and they want it now. As such they aren’t going to spend time browsing your site if it’s slow to load or the navigation is confusing. They’ll simply exit and find a faster loading, easier to navigate website. At TriCity we understand an effective, fast loading site is a must, so every website we build employs leading edge design principles that ensure it loads fast and presents your information in a clear, easy to comprehend fashion. The result: higher conversions and more return customers.

Success, Thy Name Is Scalability

Recently Google announced that, for the first time, mobile searches have exceeded PC-based searches. This is not a one-off occurrence. Instead, it is predicted that within just a couple of years more than 75% of all web searches - as well as web traffic in general - will come from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore if your website isn’t built to respond to the mobile computing revolution it is beginning its life at a disadvantage. Responsive web design ensures that your site will scale to fit whatever device the visitor is using; be it a Galaxy 9, an iPhone 6, a Micromax Laptab II or a Windows 10 PC with good mobile apps. At TriCity we specialize in developing websites and website designing in Chandigarh that address how people are using the Internet now, not how they used it 5 years ago.

Our Unwavering Commitment

At TriCity we don’t make empty promises, we don’t lean on yesterday’s knowledge to build today’s websites and we don’t disappear once the check has been cashed. Instead, we employ the best and the brightest web designers and developers who use the latest concepts and best practices and we stand behind everything we do with rock solid customer service. We know that your success is our success so we put the success of your website at the top of our priority list and we never waver from our commitment to doing the job right.

Website Development Chandigarh

Looking for web development company in Chandigarh here Web development has changed quite a bit over the past few decades. Initially websites were little more than digital billboards that presented a bit of information about a company, institution or individual. They were static, image free and most had few inbound or outbound links (since there was little or nothing to link to). In addition there was no discernible way to make money from a website. Oh how times have changed. In 2017 worldwide Internet retail sales topped $2.3 trillion dollars, which means that if the Internet was a country it would be the world’s 8th largest economy. As the Internet has grown so too has the job of the web developer. What was a simple, straightforward job in the early 1990s has turned into a complex profession that requires its practitioners to receive years of specialized training. Web development Company in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and elsewhere has seen massive growth in recent years as more and more companies are seeking to leverage the power of the Internet. But not just anyone who attends a few web development courses is qualified to develop your website. You need a company with both expertise and experience. A company that has one hand firmly grasping the fundamentals and the other hand on the latest, best practices and techniques. You need TriCity Web Solutions.

How a Web Page Works

As was the case with television before it virtually no one who uses the Internet today has any idea how it actually works. They simply take for granted that it does. And that goes for most business owners as well as those who spend hour upon hour knee deep in social media. The keepers of the key are web developers. But not all web developers are created equal. Just as there are some auto mechanics who are intent on selling customers parts and services they don’t need and there are others who are knowledgeable and upstanding, so too there are people calling themselves web developers whose only interest is in developing a relationship with your cash and others who always have the best interest of their clients at heart. At TriCity we pride ourselves on being the latter. At TriCity Web Solutions we don’t ever try to baffle our clients with techno-speak in an effort to pad the bill. Instead, we explain every step of the process carefully and in plain language so that you, the customer, know exactly what we are doing and why. The fact is that while the details of how the web works have changed over the years and things have become decidedly more complex with each new innovation, the essential technological basis and functionality of the Internet has remained pretty much the same. And at the heart of that technology is the browser.

The Importance of the Browser

The browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer etc) is an application that takes HTML code, information from CSS (cascading style sheets) as well as any JavaScript commands and other information and converts it into something you can see and interact with. That something is a web page. The browser obtains this information by querying the web server that’s hosting the desired website. If the requested information exists the server returns it to the browser that then renders it. This is the case whether the website belongs to a Brazilian, Russian, American or Indian company right here in Chandigarh. This is important to understand if you hope to comprehend what a web developer does because it gives you some hint as to just how many different technological considerations have to be weighed at every turn when designing and building a website. If any of these key ingredients is off, the site won’t render properly or it won’t execute the eCom or other functions you need it to in order for it to be a valuable component of your business. At TriCity Web Solutions we offer a full complement of web development options for clients large and small. Whether your company deals in coffee beans or cars we have the expertise and experience necessary to create a website for you that will add significant value to your business and open up markets you never imagined would be available for you to exploit. Web development is no joke. It’s serious business. To do it right you need a team of serious, dedicated professionals. You need TriCity Web Solutions. The premier web design and development company in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali.

Why Choose TriCity Web Solutions as Best Web Designing Company in Chandigarh?

We began TriCity with the goal to be the best and we have stayed true to that objective ever since. The world is full of web design companies that can create something that looks good. But website design and development these days is about much more than just creating a pretty face for your business. It’s about building a website that delivers on the promise of the Internet, creating a website that effectively leverages social media engagement and developing websites that load fast, scale easily to any platform and enable trouble free e-commerce. In short we build websites that empower your business goals and aspirations. Nothing less will do. When you enlist the services of TriCity Web Solutions you are signing up for success. We start by finding out who you are, what you do and what you want. We then get to know your products or services inside and out. We research the market, uncover potential and design your site in a way that speaks to developing trends and consumer interest. At the end of the day the website we build for you will meet or exceed your immediate goals and lay the foundation for a more prosperous future. TriCity Web Solutions is the one-stop-shop for all your web design and software development needs. We have helped scores of clients realize the dream of web-based success through our combination of experience, hard work and unmatched expertise. If you want a web developer that will work with you to devise an affordable web strategy for your company and then implement that strategy in a timely and effective manner look no further than TriCity Web Solutions.

At TriCity We are Driven by The Following Core Principles:

{Our Website Development Services}

As we say there are many things that need to happen in order for you to see and perhaps interact with a web page. At TriCity we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the development table that is grounded in the basics of Internet functionality but also informed by the latest and best technology. Our web development services include:
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wordpress development

WordPress Development

WordPress is the premier content management system (CMS) in use today. More websites use WordPress to manage and deploy content than any other CMS. WordPress is known for its user friendly interface, its efficiency and its dizzying array of design templates. WordPress also offers a huge variety of useful plugins and widgets and involves only a minimal learning curve. WordPress is also extremely search engine friendly; an aspect of its feature list that should not be overlooked. Read More..
Magento eCom Store development

Magento eCom Store Solutions

Ever more companies are seeking ways to tap into the trillions of dollars that are being spent online. In most cases that means they’re looking to open an online store through which to sell their goods and services. At TriCity we offer our clients eCom solutions using Magento is one of many open source eCom platforms in use today. It is preferred by most developers over other platforms because of its array of different themes and plugins, its scalability and its simple, easy to understand user interface. It also offers an array of gift card options, rewards program options, affiliate extensions and more. When your online store is powered by Magento your business is in good hands.Read More...
php development

PHP Development

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, more commonly known simply as PHP, is a scripting language used primarily in the development of websites. At TriCity Web Solutions we make generous use of PHP because it is highly compatible with most operating systems in use today. PHP also integrates well with your databases, runs well on the most common server types and is easy to maintain and update. Since object oriented programming capabilities were added to PHP during its third iteration creating applications using the language has become somewhat simpler and the results more dependable than ever. Read More...
best seo company

Search Engine Optimization

As we mentioned above a website that isn’t supported by a robust SEO campaign is destined to become just another Internet afterthought. SEO is what separates the successful web ventures from the unsuccessful. Search engine optimization is one of our specialties and is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make in your company’s future. If you are not convinced of that then consider this: the first 5 results on page one of Google search results receive nearly 70% of all clicks. And only 5% of searchers ever bother to click through to page 2 of those results. At TriCity we devise an SEO campaign for you that gets you onto the first page. Remember, the traffic won’t come to you, you have to find a way to go to the traffic. SEO is that way.
html coding in chandigarh

HTML coding

While some have been quick to dismiss the relevance of HTML coding ability these days due to the rise of the WYSIWYG the fact is many WYSIWYG websites still need to have their code tweaked or corrected outright by a human being before they’ll work the way they’re intended to. If you have a problem web page and have been at a loss for how to correct it contact the pros at TriCity Web Solutions. We’ll get our top coders on it and they’ll have it running like a charm in no time

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