Latest Technology At Tricity Web Solutions

When you’re dealing with a web studio, what you want is a superior team that uses the best technology available. Here at TriCity Web Solutions, we spare no expense to allow us to use the best of what’s currently available. This way, we have the full range of capabilities and can deploy our in-house technology to meet any need. We work with different technology platforms, software packages and coding languages to enable us to work with existing client sites to update them, and produce new web sites, mobile apps, software-as-a-service (SAAS) and other products.

Open-Source Development

The use of open-source technologies enables us to create affordable solutions for our clients when they’re not fixed to a one platform already. For web hosting, a Linux-based computerserver is cheaper than a Windows-based or Apple-based server. The Apache or other open-source web server software avoids using a Microsoft-based option. When using a Linux system, it works well with MySQL relational database. This is an Enterprise-level robust solution for database needs. It avoids needing to use Access database which is too limiting and won’t scale to a growing userbase with many concurrent users or Microsoft SQL Server which is individually licensed and expensive. For mobile apps, SQL Lite and other options provide SQL-compatible data storage is fast and keeps customers’ data securely. When using MySQL, PHP is often the right coding language for web site. It is capable of fast serving, dynamic web pages created quickly from script files. This avoids needing to use ASP.Net that requires extra software and is costly to develop and use on the hosting side too. Content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Magento work on PHP and often use MySQL databases too. Their open-source approach makes them less expensive to develop web sites and web applications for our clients.They’re also easier to maintain and update too.

Microsoft Technologies

Where clients specifically request it or use their technologies already, we create web apps and sites using Microsoft technology. This includes ASP.Net for dynamic sites which changes the output depending on what’s known about the visitor and using Microsoft SQL Server to store information for use on the site. In which case, Windows Server is usually required on the web hosting end along with access to Enterprise-level SQL Server and IIS for the web server. This makes hosting plans more expensive, but they’re required when a client is wedded to the Microsoft eco-system. Costs are almost always higher when using Microsoft technologies rather than open-source.

Mobile App Development

For mobile app development, different software packages and languages are used depending on the mobile platform. For instance, most iOS apps are not developed in the same coding languages as Android apps. The same is true for Windows mobile apps too. Accordingly, different development environments get used to create and test a suitable iOS, Android or Windows Mobile app. It’s all platform dependent. Tricity Web Solutions uses the most appropriate software, frameworks and technologies to produce best-in-class results for our clients. When failing to appropriately invest in what’s needed to develop superior solutions for our client, we would only let ourselves down. We never make that mistake.